is a site project, that fits into the so-called cloud computing domain, that provides a range of services through the internet.

Therefore, the main services that provides to its users are:

- statistical calculation;

- sampling and online surveys;

- reporting results;

- sharing data, results, operations and reports.


The allows each user to define multiple subjects over which it has interest and associate to each subject all the resources it considers necessary. If these resources include data then the user may apply to them the set of statistical functions available and link the results to the subject of interest. Or, he can collect their own data through sample surveys, process the responses and link these results to the appropriate subject. Regardless of how results are obtained, the user can produce documents in which these results can be presented dynamically, since they keep the link to the data from which they were generated.
Therefore, each subject is a center on which gravitate a diverse set of components such as: web pages, statistics, statistical functions, forms, samples, online documents and external resources. And it can be shared with other users allowing projects , studies or analyzes can be developed by two or more users in a collaborative way.
A simple way to show this is through the following figure.